There are several ways to install Open Notificaties. A scalable solution is to use Kubernetes. You can also run the Docker containers on a single machine

Before you begin

  • Check the minimum system requirements for the target machine(s).

  • Make sure the target machine(s) have access to the Internet.

  • The target machine(s) should be reachable via at least a local DNS entry:

    • Open Zaak: open-zaak.<organization.local>

    • Open Notificaties: open-notificaties.<organization.local>

    The machine(s) do not need to be publically accessible and do not need a public DNS entry. In some cases, you might want this but it’s not recommended. The same machine can be used for both Open Zaak and Open Notificaties.

  • If you want to use NLX, make sure you have a publicaly available domain name, for example nlx.<>, where your NLX-inway is accessible to the outside world.

Post-install checklist

After Open Notificaties has been installed successfully, go through the following checklist to see if the software works as expected:

Check configuration

Check the configuration page for Open Notificaties, accessible at the url This page will indicate whether certain settings are properly configured.

Run check management commands

If Sentry was set up for Open Notificaties, make sure to run the following command to ensure that logging to Sentry will work as expected:

python src/ raven test