1.1.0 (2020-03-16)

Feature and small improvements release.


The API remains unchanged.

  • Removed unnecessary sections in documentation

  • Updated deployment examples

  • Tweak deployment to not conflict (or at least less likely :-) ) with Open Zaak install Open Zaak and Open Notificaties on the same machine are definitely supported

  • Added support for ADFS Single Sign On (disabled by default)

  • Added documentation build to CI

1.0.0 final (2020-02-07)

🎉 First stable release of Open Notificaties.


  • Notificaties API implementation

  • Tested with Open Zaak integration

  • Admin interface to view data created via the APIs

  • Scalable notification delivery workers

  • NLX ready (can be used with NLX)

  • Documentation on

  • Deployable on Kubernetes, single server and as VMware appliance

  • Automated test suite

  • Automated deployment